Titanium mens rings: discover all the advantages of titanium wedding rings

Titanium mens rings: discover all the advantages of titanium wedding rings

Titanium mens rings

Titanium mens rings are all the rage, and no wonder! Developed thanks to aerospace technology, this material is highly resistant and very light. In addition, it looks beautiful combined with other metals such as gold or platinum.

In the middle of the wedding planning process, many decisions have to be made. You have to try on many wedding dresses, compare wedding hairstyles, think of original wedding ideas that will surprise all the guests and choose wedding favors that can help others. And it is during this process that the bride and groom also have to choose their wedding rings. 

Along with white and yellow gold, for some time now it has also been possible to find rings made of titanium, a material capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of cold and heat. In addition, it weighs very little, which is why it has generally been used in the manufacture of spacecraft. 

Now it has reached the world of jewelry, since, although it is a little duller than gold or silver, it is very resistant and can be combined with other metals.

Eternal love

Titanium is one of the most common materials in nature, and is present in the sun and meteorites. Perhaps for this reason it symbolizes eternal love, as well as for its great durability. They are practically indestructible wedding rings. With a resistance similar to platinum and tungsten, titanium mens rings last forever, like romantic songs for weddings. 

They are unalterable to temperature changes and, even if they get wet with water or perfume, they never rust. In addition, and unlike gold or silver -much more malleable metals-, they do not deform. However, they can become scratched due to continuous use.

Also, titanium is an anti-allergenic material, also used to manufacture prostheses or dental implants, since it has a minimum level of rejection in contact with body tissues. So if you are allergic to gold or silver, you no longer have anything to worry about: you can find wonderful titanium wedding rings that will never cause any reaction on your skin. 

Not to mention that, thanks to their rounded inner part, titanium wedding rings are very comfortable to wear. And they have a cooling effect.

New trends

The price of titanium is much lower than that of gold or silver. However, being a difficult metal to handle, jewelers need special machinery to work with it, which makes the product more expensive. It can be combined with other precious metals or inlaid with diamonds, an option that is becoming increasingly fashionable. 

Another growing trend is to combine titanium mens rings with white or black ceramic, creating original and elegant veins that make it a very original piece of jewelry. Being such a versatile material, the color of the wedding ring can be chosen in different iridescent shades, and there are also different levels of brightness.

Beauty and high technology

Titanium mens rings are also very often used in propellers and other parts of ships, because seawater does not alter titanium. So, if you’re careful not to lose your wedding ring, you can even swim at the beach with it without fear of it getting damaged. And, if you do lose it, rest assured that it will remain intact for centuries, until someone finds it.